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Digital Medics provides the innovative SmartPlus Digital Insulin Pen and the Diabetes IQ App for better diabetes care and control. Visit Diabetes IQ App Website for details


Digital Insulin Pen


SmartPlus pen has several features that differentiates it from other insulin pens.


Maintains 195 Insulin Dosage History

The pen reliably stores the last 195 injections within the last 60 days
- with the date, time and amount of insulin injected.

Last Insulin Injection

The last injection of insulin is immediately availaible on the pen, with the time and the dose delivered.

Compatible Insulin Catridges

  • Lilly, Sanofi-Aventis and Berlin-Chemie

​You can also access your diabetes data via iPhone/iPad, or Andriod devices using the DiabeticPlus Mobile Apps which is available from the Apple Apps Store or the Google Apps Store using your mobile device.


The pen is rechargeable through USB-connection to your Computer or USB Charger.

Built-in Alarm

The built-in alarm is capable of signaling low battery, blocked injection and low insulin residual.

0,1U Micro Dosages

Starting with the recommended minimum dosage of 0.5 U the SmartPlus pen can deliver insulin in increments of 0.1 U. This allows a more precise insulin dosage and presents a huge benefit especially for children

Manual Injection Mode

If required, it is possible to switch the SmartPlus pen to manual injection mode.

Easy to Operate

The SmartPlus features a large, easy readable display for easy operation.


Diabetes IQ App


Key features are:

  1. BG pattern recognition and insights
  2. BG reminders and alert notifications based on your diabetes profile and activities.
  3. Time-stamped logbook that keeps track of your medications, BG levels, meals and exercise.
  4. Built-in food database from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
  5. Integrates with Apple Health API
  6. Integrates with health and fitness devices via Cloud API
  7. Generate reports and print or email to any recipient

Visit Diabetes IQ App Website for more details.







DiabetesPlus DataSync Software


The DiabetesPlus DataSync Software allows you to download your insulin and glucose data directly from the device. The software is available for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Platforms. Please refer to the Software Installation Guide for instructions on how to install the software.

The key features include:

  • Download insulin data from your Insulin Pen
  • Download glucose levels from your Glucose Meter
  • View your insulin dosage and glucose levels including date and timestamp
  • Synchronize the data to the Cloud for use with your Mobile Device